Forget - Vent d'Yver n°1
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Chamber music
4 Vents d’Yver, for 2 cellos

(2009, Anima Records)

Composer and conductor, Philippe Forget composed for the duo Vesterman / Langot a cycle of 4 virtuoso pieces for 2 cellos on the initiative of painter Étienne Yver, just like Régis Campo and Nicolas Bacri. These commands being based on the principle of "barter", the composers requested received a painting from the painter's hands in exchange for their new work for the duo. The first Vent d'Yver was premiered in Paris in 2004. The complete cycle was first played at the Promenades Musicales en Pays d'Auge in 2005 They record it for the Anima Records label in 2009.



  • Agnès Vesterman, Patrick Langot, cellos

  • Trio des Aulnes

  • Roselyne Allouche, mezzo-soprano

  • Olivier Chauzu, piano

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