Jacques Offenbach

(2019, Bru Zane)

Offenbach's La Périchole (1868) will never cease to attract music lovers. Marc Minkowski - an Offenbach's  longtime ambassador - wanted to pay tribute to him with this first recording on historical instruments, with the young French singing school, including the captivator Aude Extrémo, the dashing Stanislas de Barbeyrac and the hilarious Alexandre Duhamel. Mixing fashionable rhythms with the most unexpected folklore, the score is a deluge of hit songs. How can we not be convinced by the insolence of the "séguedille", the frenzy of "couplets-bolero" or the frenzied rhythm of the prison trio? Never, perhaps, Offenbach has pushed the caricature of political power so far... and resolved intoxication the imbroglio of inextricable romantic relationships. The air of "exhilaration" is one of the best known of its author.

Patrick Langot has been playing with Les Musiciens du Louvre since 2010 and as principal since 2017.


  • Les Musiciens du Louvre

  • Bordeaux National Opera's Choir
    Marc Minkowski, conducting

  • with Aude Extrémo, Stanislas de Barbeyrac, Alexandre Duhamel, Éric Huchet, Marc Mauillon, Enguerrand de Hys, François Pardailhé, Olivia Doray, Julie Pasturaud, Mélodie Ruvio, Adriana Bignagni Lesca, Jean Sclavis

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