Sonata for violin and piano
Piano Quintet op. 80

(2017, Timpani)

Who could have said that a disc would change the image that we have of this immense creator? And yet, this CD will amaze more than one. Two works of rare power and very rarely performed: the Sonata for violin and piano, and the Quintet. For the latter, we can speak of "first": the existing score was a monumental sum of errors - the edition was posthumous - until Koechlin's world specialist, Otfrid Nies, completely took over the partition and correct it for an edition.

"A sonata and a quintet, offered by committed and inspired musicians. A magnificent tribute to one of our greatest composers (so neglected!), that immediatly appears as a reference." – Classica

"Two masterpieces of maturity defended by an excellent French ensemble, which revealed a superb double Franck - Schumann two years ago. The musicians captivate us ..."Diapason


  • Syntonia Piano Quintet


  • CHOC Classica

  • 5 Diapasons

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