String quartet n.4 "Ulysses"

(2002, Triton)

Two months before the death of Olivier Greif, Syntonia premiered his 4th and last titanic quartet at the Rencontres de La Prée. Two years later, they recorded it with Triton, a pioneer label in the publishing of his music. The album receives a very warm welcome from the press and marks a turning point in the young ensemble's career.

"Bottomless despair, unbridled joy, strong expression that the Syntonia Ensemble pushes beyond instrumental limits." - Diapason

"A great quartet of our time! The Syntonia Ensemble, creator of the work, truly in a state of grace, gives such a beautiful interpretation." - Répertoire


  • Syntonia Quartet


  • 5 Diapasons

  • **** Classica

  • 10 de Répertoire

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