Boisgallais - Quatuor, 1er Mvt
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Chamber music (String quartet n.1)

(2009, Le Chant du Monde)

Jacques Boisgallais' purpose is to express through music "the variations of an interior life where classicism and romanticism no longer clash but, on the contrary, are complementary to each other". The art of Jacques Boisgallais therefore combines opposites.

The Syntonia ensemble met the composer and recreated their quartet during the Cantus Formus concert season, on the initiative of Nicolas Bacri at the CRR in Paris on February 2, 2005. Testimony of this unique concert, this disc also includes La Sonate for piano and violin n ° 1, the Toccata for two pianos, the Trio and the Divertimento for Quartet with clarinet.


  • Syntonia Quartet

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